Call Me Specky

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I hate the way people ask “how are you still single??” in utter awe, assuming that must mean no one asks me out. Why does no one consider the possibilty that I just don’t want to go out with the people who do?

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I was really happy when Pixie Trix Comix introduced a gender fluid character in Dangerously Chloe, but they kinda lost me when the character started changing their physical appearance between male and female depending on the gender of who they’re currently attracted to

Honestly I should have stopped reading after Eerie Cuties pulled the whole “sexuality changes with gender” story arc, where straight boys are turned into girls but because they maintain heterosexuality they’re now attracted to men

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Even though I’m a Makorra shipper, I’m glad there wasn’t any romance between them in the finale. ESPECIALLY when Korra almost died. I’m happy that that was a moment between Tonraq and his daughter. I think if they tried to make it a Makorra thing, it would have been too much. Plus, how heartbreaking was it when Tonraq thought he’d lost his daughter forever? Mako has only known her a little over a year right? Her dad deserved to be by her side in that moment far more than Mako did.

100% agree! I don’t mind a bit of romance but when it crops up and becomes some kind of life saving element in an otherwise good story, that bugs me! I think it meant so much more that Korra came to in her father’s arms, where they both realised the other was still alive. That would give her more hope than waking up in the arms of some dude who may or may not love her. In the same way, the final scene with Korra and Asami made me so happy! Instead of making it once again about romance to try and resolve a bad situation, she has someone who will likely be a life long friend, offering her all the emotional support she needs. I think that was way more important than a kiss between Korra and Mako

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